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“After personally going through several scams, I was tired of these scams so I created my own
work-from-home data-entry job program that works and earns me income every day.

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Welcome to Online-Data-Entry Jobs

My name is Laura Kauth and I am the founder of Online-Data-Entry Jobs.

A few years back I had decided I wanted to quit the large business firm which I had spent over twenty years building my career. I wanted to spend more time with my young children as I saw them growing up so quickly and I felt like I was completely missing the best time of my life. I searched the Internet for months looking for the right opportunity that could supplement my six-digit income and allow me to work from home.

As you are probably experiencing for yourself, it is a tough task trying to find anything that can produce even a small income working from home.

My specialty has been in the data-entry field, so I decided to search for online data-entry jobs. I kept running into scam after scam; it seemed everything I tried was a marketing job that required me to place ads on Google and ended up costing me money. After trying many of these online-data-entry jobs it seemed hopeless as nothing seemed to work. So I used my personal experience, and contacts to create my own job programs — that were effective, earned a nice income, and best of all, allowed me to work from home.

I did months of research to create my own programs that not only worked, but worked exceptionally well.  I have created a complete step-by-step program for each of the types of data applications that I will share with you.  These programs will allow you to work from home doing data processing and typing in many different fields of data-entry applications.

“I would like to personally welcome you to”

Laura Kauth
Creator & Founder