Why is there a fee?
The one-time fee is so you can access my program online through special secure servers. These servers cost a large amount of money and the fee you pay is to give you the needed access online 24 hours a day  Most people aren’t willing to spend $600 or more per month for a dedicated secure server so I offer this option to pay a one-time fee instead of you having to pay thousands of dollars a year for the needed server. I even provide a 30-day full refund on this one-time access fee if you are not satisfied with my program.

Is your company a scam?
This question should be asked with all the scams on the Internet, especially the work-at-home programs that seem to be growing in numbers these days. I personally have been a victim many times, and I hope you appreciate that this program eliminates that worry.

If you are thinking this is a scam and not worth the one-time members access fee, then do this.

1. Figure out how much your time is worth per hour… being conservative multiply 300 hours by that figure you came up with for your time. The 300 hours I mention will be just time you will spend finding companies and job tasks to perform that won’t end up costing you money. I didn’t figure time for much needed additional research needed.

2. Go price software for posting articles, data submissions, search engine submitter software, headline creator software, transcribing audio software, and a word processor. This is not even all the software I will provide. If you find great deals you will pay around $300.

3. Go price a dedicated hosting server. You will need a dual processor, 32 MB of RAM, at least five 1TB hard drives and you will need a firewall and back up. Also you will need to be on a 1 GB port. If you want me to save you some time this will cost you a minimum of $600 per month (great deal) and this is if it is just you using the data and bandwidth.

If you do the math you will need to spend over $1000 to just get started. And all you will need to pay for my program is a one-time very minimal fee to access my free program online.

Now let’s look at this whole deal I’m giving you. You are getting my personal research of hundreds if not in the thousands of hours worth of research, training implementation, removing barriers that cause you to not earn money, removing things that cost additional money, the job sources, training tools, and $300 + dollars worth of software. I’m also going to give you over $500 worth of bonuses. I’m not charging you for any of what I just mentioned. The only charge is to a third-party hosting for the set up fee on server and not a monthly usage for all the data transfer and bandwidth you would be using.

It gets even better… If you try this program and are not happy for what ever reason, I will give you all of the one-time members’ access fee you paid. I will also let you keep the $500 worth of bonuses.

So in the end would not cost you one penny, you will probably have learned several new job skills, and you made $800 in free bonuses.

So now ask yourself if this is a scam?

I always told myself never to try any work-at-home programs without a guarantee. I will be the first to tell you that not everyone will be happy with the program or results, but no one is ever scammed if they request their money back within the 30 days I allow.

Can I work From Anywhere in the World?
Yes, as long as you have a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet, and an Internet connection, and are from one of the following countries:

If your country is listed above you do Qualify to receive data-entry job assignments.

However, you must be able to receive payment for your work by at least ONE of the following pay methods:

Mailed Check (in your country’s currency)
Direct-Bank Deposit
PayPal Account
Moneybookers/Skrill Account

There is no sense to become a member and do the jobs if you can’t be paid!

Our program is available to 238 countries and territories all over the World!

Do I need to purchase anything after the one-time access set-up fee?
Once you have paid our membership access fee, I will never ask you to pay any more money for this program or any software and training materials. There may be some OPTIONAL additional expenses that are not required to do these programs or jobs. Example of what I am speaking of is to get additional typing certificates you may have to pay an extra $10 for an additional certificate. Again, it is optional an not required to make money with the jobs I provide. Never will you see where it is mentioned “In order to get paid please pay more money, etc.”

Do I have to find my own work?
As far as all the programs I list, you are given the job tasks to do as well as the companies to do them for. With the Home Secretarial Business, you will need to locate local businesses in your area to do work for. I will show you exactly how to do it. We also list over 200,000 additional work-at-home jobs that you can choose to pursue if you’d like.

Do I have to sell anything or recruit anyone to get paid?
You don’t have to sell any products or recruit anyone to be paid for these programs. We will give you the option in Marketing Typist to type ads for our company that will pay you commissions for each completed transaction. This is optional and not required for you to make money with Online-Data-Entry Jobs. We only offered this because members that wanted to share this program with family and friends requested it. Now we reward our members for sharing our company.

Do you provide me with a list of sites to post my data?
I will give you everything you need to do this job, with detailed guidance, on every effective way to post your data. This list is compiled from years of experience with companies and programs that have shown some great results. You will not need to go out and find any sites, or places to post your data yourself.

Is this as easy as it seems?
Once you learn all the programs, you will see this is real easy and fun to do. I always encourage you to not rush through my tutorials and miss valuable information that is needed to succeed. Just take your time, because the money is not going anywhere. I will again point out that this is an actual job and you must do the work to get paid.

Will I be required to spam anyone, post ads to Google or anything like that?
No, absolutely not! We don’t do any thing like spamming. I personally hate spammers. This is not one of those post ads on Google to make money data-entry programs. These are legitimate online data-entry jobs

Is there a time limit in which I have to complete assignments?
No, I have set no time limits, project deadlines etc. These are YOUR jobs to be done at your leisure. If you work you get paid, if you don’t work you don’t get paid.

How do I get paid?
The payments will be different in every program. I list a general pay structure on the home page in each of the programs, giving details of when and how you will be paid. You will get paid at least once a month and many times twice a month depending on the job program. Most payments are made by mailed check directly to your address. Optional payment methods are to be paid by direct bank deposit, PayPal or MoneyBookers if PayPal is not available to your country.

How much money can I earn?
This depends on the program you will be doing and the effort you put into each job. I have stated the possibilities and was actually conservative in doing so. I make an average of $400 – $500 per day work 3 to 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. Many members have emailed me to tell me they had $1,000 earnings in one day.  I have removed all of the obstacles I have ran across from my experience to pave the way for you to start earning this income if you follow the directions given.

Which program earns money the quickest?
Personally this is a tough question. The reason is that when I first started, I actually earned money from my Home Secretarial Business because I was still developing my other programs. Today members report that Worldwide Data Entry has shown the quickest results. This makes sense because the layout is set up for you to earn money as soon as the first day, and it has been designed to do exactly that.

The other programs work as well to produce quickly. The only program that takes more time is the article typing, because it is designed for long-term residual income instead of immediate income. However, with the article typing, once you are established, you can actually earn more money for your lifetime then all the other programs put together. I actually will show you members that have excelled that far in as little as one month with article typing.

How do I contact you?
We have structured our business to handle your requests, concerns and questions through email. This is the most effective way for us to respond to any inquires. We do have a toll free number that is a 3rd party answering service I personally am not too fond of. So please e-mail us for the best and quickest support. Once a member the option for phone support is offered as needed.

Please feel free to contact us at by going to the Contact Us page

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